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Welcome to FutureTechnolabs - Professional training for Android. You will find set of course modules in our training that will help you stand tall in industry in Android Development. You can make your mark with your knowledge in industry.

Android development training

COURSE overview

  • Fundamental
  • Data Parsing
  • Introduction to Java
  • Dealing with Webservices
  • Programming with Java
  • Advance Android Development
  • Android UI & Design Component
  • Industrial Android Project Training
  • Data Storage with Android


  • C, C++ Programming
  • PL / SQL


Our Google Android Course is the best in town. We are running training in Android right from beginning when the first version of Android OS was launched. Today, Android has taken over the smart phone technology. Mobile is the only technology that will rule this world in very near future. Are you ready to work in that?


Here is the list of modules that are included in the Android training course.
  • Pre-requisite
    • C, C++Programming
    • PL / SQL
  • Fundamental
    • SDLC Cycle
    • Database SQL Queries
  • Programming with Java - 1
    • Introduction to java
    • JVM, JRE,JDK
    • Data Types in Java
    • Looping And Conditional statement
    • Arrays in java
    • Object oriented programming (OOPS)
    • Abstract and Interface
    • Final,static,super,this - Keywords
    • Packaging
    • Basic Exception Handling
    • Basic Threading and Synchronization
    • Basic java - File with Serilization
    • Basic Swing Event Handling
    • Basic java Collection Classes
  • Programming with Java - 2
    • Introduction to Android
    • Android - Plateform,Tools,Versions
    • Android Development Framework with Architecture
    • Android Studio Installation / eclipse Introduction of Gradle
    • Development using Android Studio with Gradle Android Environment - DVM,ADT,AAPT Device and Emulator Control
  • Programming with Java - 3
    • DDMS and Logcat
    • Delvik debug Tool
    • Work with ADB
    • Types of Android Application
    • Hierarchy Programming Structure Android Mainfest File
    • Activity Lifecycle
    • Intents and intent Filteres
    • Introduction to Fragment
    • Fragment LifeCycle
  • Android UI & Design Component
    • GUI Architecture
    • Layouts
    • Android Widget Tools Kit
    • Android Form and Field Widgets with Events
    • Serilization and Parceable
    • Composite Components with Events
    • Understanding Android Menus
    • Android Dialog and Pickers
    • Introduction to Action Bar
    • Fragment Managment using Action Bar
  • Data Storage with Android
    • Android Prefrences
    • File Storage in SDCard
    • SQLite Database Connectivity
    • CRUD Operation performed in SQLite
  • Data Parsing & Dealing with Webservices
    • XML Parsing
    • Pull parsing
    • DOM Parsing
    • SAX parsing
    • JSON Parsing
    • Asynchronous Data Loading
    • MySQL connectivity in Android using Web services
  • Advance Android Development
    • Work in Background Process
    • Broad cast receivers and Android Service
    • Alarm Manager with Push Notification Services
    • Advance Fragments and Action Bar
    • Google Map V2 API Integration
    • Geo-coding API
    • Multimedia in Android
    • Images,Graphics and Animation
    • Work with Android Phone Components
    • Wake Lock , Text to speach
    • Access phone Book, Call Logs
    • Call and SMS
    • Bluetooth and WI-Fi
    • Camera, Sensor
  • Industrial Android Project Training
    • Debug and Execute Application on Real Device
    • Deployment
    • Publish Application

job profile

Android developer job profile will be responsible for designing and building application for the Android platform.

You will gain expertise in the following:

  • Proven software development experience
  • Proven working experience in Android development
  • Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle.
  • Experience working with remote data via REST and JSON

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