Refer a Friend


DO YOU HAVE A FRIEND who wants to be expert in
technical field and is looking
for a professional training ?

If so, call the number below to contact a Course Advisor today.


Once we have received their confirmation and payment for the course, we'll take Rs.1000/- off the balance of your course fee!

* Conditions of discount

  • 1. To receive Rs.1000/- discount the referrer student must have registered with us and paid 50% of his course fees.
  • 2. The referrer student will receive Rs.1000/- discount only after the referred friend has paid the total course cost.
  • 3. The reward amount will be discounted from the balance of referrer.
  • 4. In the event that the referrer has paid the total course cost in full, the referral reward will be given as a cash payment.